Eczema & Skin Conditions

One of the things we realised very fast when we started developing products was that there is a huge need for skin relief. 

A lot of products out there just really weren't cutting it or contained nasty ingredients or even just natural ingredients that were common triggers for skin conditions.

We spent a lot of time researching ingredients and discovering those that may trigger and to avoid the common triggers as much as possible. 

For this reason you will find no coconut oil or nut oil in most products recommended to help with skin conditions. Here you will find products developed specifically with skin conditions in mind. 

There are other options in the general shop which are still free from nasty ingredients which may be fine for some. For soaps/shampoo bars we suggest trialling a few with trial/sample sizes which are available as an option to purchase.

  1. Hemp and Kawakawa Shampoo/Soap Bar (Vegan)
  1. Kawakawa Balm (Contains Beeswax)
  1. Calendula Love Shampoo Bar - Coconut Oil Free (not vegan)
  1. Eczema/Healing Balm (Not Vegan)
  1. Organic Kawakawa Oil (Vegan)
  1. Grow More Locks Hippie (vegan)
  1. Kawakawa QUEEN (Contains Beeswax & Honey)
  1. No Groupies Hippie, Anti-parasitic Bar (Vegan)
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