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  1. Conditioner Bars (vegan)
  1. Pimple Busting Bar for the face and body.  Packed with natural ingredients that draw oil and dirt from the skin making it a true Pimple Buster!
  1. Sample Pack - The Original (Vegetarian)  - 11 items
  1. Sample Pack - Deodorant
  1. Sample Pack - Body & Face
  1. Violaceous Toning Shampoo & Conditioner Bar - for blonde and grey hair (Vegan)
  1. Organic Cacay Oil (Vegan)
  1. Bug Repellent (vegan)
  1. Coffee Spice Exfoliating Soap (vegan)
  1. Gift Voucher Electronic
  1. Hand Sanitiser - Alcohol Based (Vegan)
  1. Healthy Hair Tonic (Vegan)
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  1. Rose Gold Face Wash Bar (Vegan)
  1. Terra Ties 100% Organic & Biodegradable
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