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ACV Spray (vegan)

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A beautiful Amber Glass Spray Bottle, perfect for Apple Cider Vinegar mix for spraying on hair after the shower.
You can choose either made up or an empty bottle to DIY yourself.  
100ml bottle with pre-made ACV mix.
100ml bottle with ACV mix and added Bergamot - lovely, refreshing, up-lifting scent.  Excellent for hair health and promoting hair growth.
100ml bottle with Tea Tree mix - may be helpful for dealing with/preventing dandruff, also a good option for preventing nits.

WANNA DIY? If you already have ACV and an empty bottle at home this is very easy to DIY  and I'm more than happy to give you the recipe - simply mix 1 part ACV to 3 parts water, add essential oils if you want but not necessary.
You can also just use a 3:1 mix in a cup to pour over hair after shampooing and then rinse out.

Apple Cider vinegar in a spray or rinse helps restore natural PH levels after using shampoo bars, it also helps aid shine, hair & scalp health and manageability.

Customer Reviews

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Amy Urry
So far, so good

I only smelled the vinegar when I first sprayed it in, and then my hair felt super nice!


Not sure i like smelling the vinegar even after a few hours of using it (no one has said anything to me yet so must just be me) but it makes my hair feel soft after using the shampoo bar and hair feels little bit fuller/thicker

Sarah Ayo

The smell goes away once some time has passed. It made my hair softer but that is the only difference I can see.


OMG love it, no longer use conditioner at all! Easy to use. Simple and nourishing. Using on fine dry hair.
No longer have dry flaking itchy scalp.

Michelle Brooks
Acv spray

great to use.

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