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Hand Sanitiser - Alcohol Based (Vegan)

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This recipe follows guidelines of Alcohol percentage being at least 70% as that is the minimum percentage required to kill germs.  Hand sanitisers that aren't alcohol based claim to kill germs but they don't meet guidelines.  Please do your own research on this topic, especially if you decide to make your own and have the available ingredients.

Ethyl Alcohol (over 95%), Vegetable Glycerine, Organic Witch Hazel, Tea Tree & Lavender Essential oils.

This comes in an Amber Glass Spray bottle or with metal cap should you have your own spray bottle to decant into.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Stephanie Greville
Love love love

Absolutely love this hand santiser - I use it in salon and get all my nail tech friends in on it too!
Would love smaller bottles that could go in a hand bag! Then we can retail it and our clients can enjoy it where ever they go x
Thanks for creating such wonderful products!

Hand sanitizer

Bought in level 3 late in the afternoon was super surprised it arrived the next day to the South Island. I had tried my friends bottle which lead me to buy as it’s gentle on my skin as I am out in the community for work and use it often. Awesome work 😀

Andrew Davies
Hand Sanitizer- Alcohol Based [Vegan]

Smell really nice. Seems to work. I'm still alive.

Jo Carson-Barr

Excellent product

Kirsty W
Great Sanitiser

We have been buying and using this sanitiser since level 4 lockdown and we love it. It has a wonderful smell and doesn't dry your hands out. We use it all the time and carry it everywhere we go. Really economical and nice to know there are no nasties in there, especially when using it on our kids hands.

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