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Caliwoods - Long-Handled Silver Razor

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Shaving is luxurious with the Long-Handled Silver Razor. Take your low-waste bathroom routine to the next level with this plastic-free alternative. Also available in Copper and Slate.

1 x Long-Handled Silver Razor

5 x Stainless Steel Blades 

1 x Blade Return Envelope 



Why you will Love the Cali Long-Handled Silver Razor!

  • PLASTIC FREE. No more disposable plastic shavers filling our landfills and oceans - just replace the blades.
  • UNISEX. Great for everyone. Face, legs, underarms, bikini - this razor can shave everywhere. 
  • BLADE REFILL PACKS available at a super affordable price. You can order these on auto-ship where you choose the delivery period based on hair type and shaving frequency. 
  • LONG HANDLE makes shaving a breeze, with more area for you to grip onto.
  • SIMPLICITY. Our Razors are a simple screw mechanism and two top holding plates - super durable with less parts that can break compared to a butterfly razor.
  • BLADE TAKE BACK. We take back your blades. See info below 

TOP TIP: Use gentle pressure - let the weight of the stainless steel do the work f

Instructions For Use: 

1. Unscrew the head of the razor from the handle. 

2. Place blades between the two top plates, holding by the blunt edges. 

3. Screw the handle back on and shave away!

4. Replace the blade when it goes blunt. On average this is every fifth shave, less for thick hair, more for fine hair. 

5. Rinse the Razor after thoroughly after each use. Clean away soap and hair then let dry outside of the shower.

6. Storage Tips: store your Razor safely out of the shower between uses and take care not to drop your Razor.

The Specifics of the Long-Handled Silver Razor:

  • Razor is made from zinc alloy head and brass handle
  • Dimensions - 10.8cmx4.4cm
  • Secure screw in blade with holding plates for durability and safety. The blade is held tightly between two plates and you can shave with both sides. 
  • Stainless steel replacement blades and blade returns envelope included 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Quality razor but...

    Good quality, well made razor. Bought to shave my beard, it was a little too aggressive for my liking. IMO it's better suited for body use, the razor blade is fully enclosed which is a good feature in this regard. I recommend this product, but less for facial use, though it will do the job.

    Caliwoods Long-Handled Silver Razor

    Probably the best razor I had so far, glides nicely over the skin without much pressure. Easy to clean and dry. :)

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