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Eco Floss Refills (Vegan)

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The ECO Floss is a compostable Dental Floss. Compostable Dental Floss!! This one is mint flavoured. 

Our dental floss is made from PLA. A compostable Plastic. You can buy it separately in a re-usable Glass dispenser. Making it convenient to carry with you.

Refills: Each box of Refills comes' with 2x Rolls of Floss. It's the exact same Floss you already love just without the jar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Laurianne Buckthought
Not great

This floss was so bad that I couldn't use it. The sensation against the teeth was awful (kind of squeaky) and I couldn't tolerate it on my sensitive teeth, also the thread broke so easily. I will stick with the Do Gooder range in the future.

Shona Poppe
Does the job.

The refills are a better quality than the one that comes with the glass container. It can break occasionally, but most of the time it does a good job.

Rachel Paul
I love refills!

This is GREAT floss as well as having an eco friendly halo.

Comfortable to use

This floss is great. I love the wee glass jar and the quality of the floss. It does fray a little more than others and it's easy to lose the end of the thread in the jar, but it's good all the same.

Fiona Vandeputte
A little disappointed

I am unable to use this product as it is too thick to fit between my teeth... My partner can use it fine but said he had to force it through a little. Good idea though.

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