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Lighten up hippie (Vegan)

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A natural lightening spray to use after Shampoo Bars instead of the regular ACV Mix, leaves the hair feeling lovely, silky smooth and with the powers of Chamomile and Lemon can give a gradual lightening effect.

100ml Spray Bottle with an amazing blend of Organic Chamomile Infusion, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon Essential Oil.

Individual results will vary.  Blonde to light brown hair will see the best results.  Dark hair will take a longer time to lighten or may not lighten at all.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Works really well

I use with the violet shampoo bar and getting some really nice highlights coming through. Would recommend.

Lighten up hippie

Lighten up hippie is easy to use and has been a fantastic extra conditioning for my hair

Great product, bad bottle design

I really like this product - I do think it lightens up my blonde hair a bit, and it's never brassy. The ACV makes my hair shiny and smooth, and you can't smell it once your hair is dry. However, I've had problems with both bottles where the spray bottle head clogs up and I can't get it to open back up. Need to change the type of spray pump you're using.

Carly Nylander
Lighten up

I love it! It makes my hair soft right after I shower. I put in a little lemon juice too to lighten my hair up even more. It does smell initially because it's ...vinegar... but it goes away once it dries and if you do it outside, it doesn't make your room smell.

Smell is bit too strong

Everyone hates when I use it and comment on the smell, so have stopped using it.

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