Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products Natural and Organic?
Yes, you will find all of our ingredients listed on all of our product descriptions.  We have nothing to hide.  Our main staples are all organic, with the current exception of Apricot Kernal Oil because it is 6 x as expensive - ouch!

Do you test on animals?  
Well, yes I will admit, occasionally we do!  We have tested the dog soap on our dog, because it seemed silly to not wash the dog with the dog soap.  We also washed the ponies.  Please don't call the SPCA ;)  But in all seriousness we use pure, chemical-free organic ingredients and test them on ourselves, on people.

Are your products Vegan?  
Some are, some aren't.  I have recently updated the site so you can easily see the Vegan Products.  We do use Beeswax in some of our products and we do use tallow in a few too, this comes from our own animals.  We totally respect anyone who chooses not to consume animal products and we are more than happy to help with Vegan options.  Most of our products are Vegan.  I know lots of people are seeking out Vegan products, please do choose wisely when you see Vegan it does not always mean good, sometimes Palm Oil can be used as a Vegan replacement and sometimes Vegan products contain lots of other nasties.  I'm sure there are plenty of good Vegan options though just always check ingredients!

Do you use fragrances?  
No, no way.  I only use quality, pure, essential oils.  I will not use fragrances created in a lab.  No exceptions.  I don't believe they are good for us at all.   One of the most requested "scents" is Coconut.  I love the smell of Coconut too, unfortunately there is no such thing as Coconut Essential Oil.  So anything with a Coconut scent is artificial.

How much is postage?  
Postage is currently $5 flat rate courier and $8 rural courier, you can also choose a tracked option for rural, PO box and Waiheke.
If your order is over $75 your postage will be free, if your order is over $100 you will also get a free Organic Coconut Oil soap.  My thanks to you for placing bigger orders.

How will my order come packaged?

It is extremely important to me that I provide re-usable, compostable packaging options.  So that we can reduce to amount of waste we create.  Your order will either come in a cardboard box, or a padded paper jiffy bag which is recyclable.  The best choice is to re-use your packaging, If you can't reuse then composting is the next best option.  I also use paper tape with vegetable gum to seal parcels.  If you can't compost then they can go into your recycling.
For powders such as the Tooth Powder and Face-Mask Powder you can buy in paper packaging.
Shampoo Bars/Soaps are wrapped in paper.

How long will my order take to arrive?
My aim is for parcels go out the same or following day where possible.  The only exception is when I have a big run on orders and can't keep up.  I make everything by hand so can occasionally get a bit swamped but if your parcel will take more than a few days to be sent out to you I will let you know.  You will be sent a notification once I pack your order and if your order is tracked or courier the link will be supplied.

Can you make to order?
Depending on the product, yes.  Drop me a message if you have something in mind.  Things like perfumes and spray deo's are very easy as they can easily be made individually.  Products made in batches are a little trickier but do ask and I will see what I can do.
If you have a product request do get in touch too.

Do you ship overseas?
Yes, happy to, if your country is missing on the website get in touch.  To date we have had no problems with customs.

Do you do specials for bulk orders?
Yes, I often get requests for weddings, hens-parties etc.  Get in touch and let me know what you are after and I will see what I can do.  I also work with co-ops to give a discount for bulk co-op orders.

Do you supply wholesale?
Yes, I like to work with small businesses with a similar ethos.