Deodorant Guide

So you may have heard bad things about supermarket deodorant? You may have heard lots of people talking about natural deodorant? You may have tried natural deodorant and thought hmm this is not for me or you may have tried and had a reaction to natural deodorant and been put off?  Let's take a look at natural deodorant and why you should make the switch and how to make that switch as easily as possible.


Why switch to natural deodorant?

First and foremost non-natural antiperspirant deodorants contain aluminium, the reason it's in there is it closes or fully clogs the pores in your armpit.  There's a few reasons why we don't want to be putting aluminium under our armpits:


  • Clogging up your armpits is not good for your body - Sweating is one of the ways your body gets rid of toxins!
  • Aluminium is said to cause or contribute to cancer - A researcher named Philippa Darbre published a study showing that more breast cancer occurred in the upper outer quarter of the breast - the area closest to the armpit!
  • Clogging up your armpits can actually cause your body to sweat more - trying to clear it out, this can cause you to smell worse because of the toxins and bacteria clogged up in there.  It can become a nasty cycle where you rely heavily on strong chemical deodorant and believe you are a very stinky heavy sweater when given the chance to detox your body can reach a more natural balance.
  • Aluminium is not the only nasty ingredient in deodorant and antiperspirant - there are a whole lot of other Ingredients that aren't great for your body said to cause cancer, hormone disruption, reproductive disorders, kidney and liver damage, among other things.

 What can I expect when I switch to a natural deodorant?

All of our bodies are different!  Some people may have no issues at all, and some may go through a detox phase.  Detox can vary person to person.  Lots of factors can affect how you respond.  Diets, hormones and health can all play a part in how healthy our armpits are.

Why would detox symptoms happen?

Your sweat glands start opening up and releasing toxins.   Your body ph needs to adjust to the sweat and temporarily producing more sweat can make you develop an itch and/or rash.

What might a detox phase be like?

For some this can be the new natural deodorant seeming to work well for a day or two and then they get really stinky, and/or irritated under their arms.  A lot of people give up here thinking they are having a reaction when actually it's detox.  Not that reactions don't happen, even though all the products are lovely and natural it can happen!

There are ways to speed up the detox process:

Drink lots of water - whenever you are trying to flush anything out of your system lots of water will help!

Do a Bentonite Clay armpit mask - simply mix one teaspoon of Bentonite Clay with one teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar.  Add the ACV slowly, mixing until you get a thick face-mask consistency, apply this to clean armpits and leave until this dries then wash off.  It is a good idea to do this every few days  through the detox process.

Wash more often - gentle washing more often can help you keep on top of the smelling and speed up the process.  If you are looking for a gentle soap try one of our Shampoo Bar's which are also perfectly awesome for using as body and face wash, or if you want something with an extra kick try the Acne Face Wash Bar .

Worried about being a stinky, sweaty mess?

I totally get it, nobody wants to stink!  I started using natural deodorants 10 years ago, I've struggled with many years of not great products and there weren't many options back then like there are today.  In the last few years I started finding ones that worked better than before, and then I created my own and it worked better than anything I had ever tried before!  I made it for my friends and even the ones with seriously stinky pits thought it was amazing.  They encouraged me to make more and that's how Dirty Hippie began.

You may also find some unexpected benefits from using natural deo, some reported benefits and things I have experienced myself are less sweating and if you have dark coloured underarms that will likely resolve as the toxins are removed from your body.

Feedback has been amazing and the business has grown from word of mouth, my amazing customers love to share when they find something they love that works and is good for them too!

Why does the deo work so well?  

The Probiotic Deo has great deodorising ingredients, Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is just amazing stuff, in deodorant it kills fungi, yeast and bacteria.  Baking Soda helps to neutralise odor and the Tapioca Flour helps with absorbing moisture.  These ingredients are commonly used in natural deodorants, add the Probiotic Powder and it packs an extra punch!  This works as probiotics do on your gut, helps achieve a healthy balance, overpowers the bad bacteria with good bacteria.  This deo does not mask smell it fights smell, you can apply when smell is already there and it takes it away, amazing stuff.  Comes in 5 delicious options of essential oil's including a one made specially for the guys plus a non-scented version. You can also buy small samples of the probiotic deo wrapped in waxed paper you can chuck in the compost when you are finished.  Just select sample in the drop down box on the probiotic deo listings.

I also make a Baking Soda Free version, occasionally someone finds baking soda doesn't quite like their body and can get a little irritated from it.  I personally find I get a very mild reaction (tiny bit of redness) in the hottest months, just in my armpit crease where I sweat a little.  For me in those months it is manageable to alternate with using the mag deo some days and the probiotic on others.  Some people find they can't tolerate it at all and it makes their underarms sore and red.  In this case it is best to use the Magnesium Spray full time or the Baking Soda free probitotic version full time.

The other deodorant option is Magnesium Based Spray Deodorant, Magnesium makes for amazing deodorant also, and any extra magnesium we can get into our body is a bonus!   It's one mineral we are all deficient in and need help getting more.  Trans-dermally is the best way to get your magnesium.  This deo comes in delicious essential oil options and as this deo is made individually rather than a large batch I can make to order if you have a combo of essential oil's you love just ask.

I recommend when you are first starting out and are unsure whether you do react to a product like the probiotic deo to start with some samples first.  I am unable to refund deo due to personal reactions.

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