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  • I was looking to try a shampoo bar in order to reduce my plastic usage, ended up googling around and landed on the Dirty Hippie website. Out of all the shampoo bars I could see online, Dirty Hippie immediately drew me in as I love that the products are NZ made, have a focus on reduced packaging and also contain such good natural ingredients (no ingredients that I haven't heard of or can't pronounce!). I also love that the brand has such a personal touch and purchasing the products really feels like it's coming from a person rather than just a company.


  • I have recently moved to the zero waste life and wanted to try some NZ made products for everyday life e.g. deodorants, shampoo bars etc. Anyway, I bought the "try it all box" and have thoroughly enjoyed trying all the different items! It's a great way to see what works for you! And now, I know what I will be restocking! Fast shipping too! Thanks!


  • I've been a fan of shampoo bars for years but recently decided that the drive to the Lush store was too far with a baby in tow. So I took the plunge and tried one of the Dirty Hippie shampoo bars I found at my local organic store. Oh these are amazing! I'm a big fan of the orange kombucha and lavender bars (long, fine hair). I use it for my son's hair in the bath too, it's so great knowing it's all natural. I decided to try the deodorant sample bar too and will definitely be ordering that regularly now! I usually use Moogoo natural deodorant but hate the plastic waste. Dirty Hippie products are fantastic, well priced, beautifully, sustainably packaged. A faultless business. And proudly NZ! Whoop! 🙂


  • Dirty Hippie Coconut oil with lemon shampoo bar & conditioner using nearly 3 months on blonded hair created texture, shine & smoothness for me, I didn't need to use ASV as a rinse, overall looking a lot healthier less split ends & dryness ☺I'm addicted to these products. Speedy delivery 😊 zero waste packaging 😊 🌼🌼🌼🌻🌻🌻


  • Great customer service, and speedy delivery to my rural address! I love the philosophy of this company; in particular their approach to the health of our planet (minimising waste) and their customers (using ingredients that won't damage our bodies).


  • I just bought the trial pack of vegan shampoo bars and conditioner. I'm absolutely blown away by these! Despite the extremely short and simple ingredients list, they function pretty much like regular shampoo and conditioner. The shampoos all lather amazingly and smell divine. In particular, I've had trouble with lathering other conditioner bars in the past, but this stuff just melts right onto your hair and leaves it so so soft and silky. At the same time, the bars themselves are a bit harder than other bars I've tried, and don't turn to mush as quickly in the shower. I just pop them on some baking paper in the bathroom after I shower to dry them out. I also used the conditioner as an in-shower moisturizer for my super dry skin yesterday and it worked a treat. ✅Cheap as chips ✅SLS & silicone free ✅Heaps of vegan options ✅NZ made ✅Super functional! ✅Possibly witchcraft Thank you so much Dirty Hippie, I can't wait to make my next order and try out some other products!


  • I am a total convert! I've recently been put onto the shampoo bars by a friend and in less than a week, I'm completely in love. I've spent soooo much time and money over years on every product imaginable trying to give my thick-but-fine hair a bit of oomph and body. Three washes in and with a bit of the ACV spray and I'm there! Cannot recommend enough 😍😍😍


  • I love love love using natural products that work, my hair is so much healthier since using these shampoo and conditioner bars. the zero waste packaging is a huge factor as to why I first decided to buy these bars in the 1st place . well done Dirty Hippie


  • Fantastic natural products. I am a convert and love all the products I have tried. You wont be disappointed. Love the deodorants and my husband is even trying it now too.


  • I've been on the hunt for a natural deodorant that actually lasts throughout the day. I found Dirty Hippie and, first of all, it was great to be able to purchase samples to test out the products first (especially that came with environmentally friendly packaging!). I ordered 2 different sample scents and found that both performed well and smelt amazing! They lasted much longer than suggested, and I've now ordered the full size pot of Sexy Hippie. Love the product and highly recommend!


  • I bought several products from Dirty Hippie including the charcoal bar, acv spray and kawakawa balm and they are all amazing! My hair has never felt healthier, the kawakawa balm heals everything and the charcoal bar is the best thing I have ever used on my skin, my skin has never been so smooth and clear!


  • I placed my first order yesterday just before lunch and it was sitting on my doorstep when I got home after work!!! Loved your Eco packaging too. I will definitely be doing more orders and telling everyone I know about you!!!! Thanks lots Dawn!!!!


  • Brought a sample pack of the shampoo bars probably a month a go. Loving them they are lasting so well, we are using two different ones and they still aren't finished with 4 people using them every second day!!! Can't wait to try the other flavours in the pack....Oh our hair feels AMAZING



All of your products are hand made by Marama on our lifestyle block in Waipu. We invite you to come on our Dirty Hippie journey with us.
Free Shipping Free Shipping all NZ orders over $75
Hand Crafted All products made by Marama with Love
Eco Friendly Packed with cardboard, paper tape and re-used packaging only.
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  • Free Shipping Free Shipping all NZ orders over $75
  • Hand Crafted All products made by Marama with Love
  • Eco Friendly Packed with cardboard, paper tape and re-used packaging only.
  • Fast Shipping Most parcels are shipped overnight
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