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Eczema/Healing Balm (Not Vegan)

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A deliciously skin nourishing balm, full of lovely healing and nourishing ingredients.
Designed with Eczema in mind but helpful for lots of skin problems, including Acne, Psoriasis, Skin Fungus, Nail Problems and dry skin!

Organic Tallow, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Beeswax, Neem Oil.
Essential Oils: Lavender & Tea Tree 
Essential Oils are not recommended for under 6 months, if for use on under 6 months choose option without essential oils.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Emma Maxwell
Eczema/Healing Balm

I love this balm, it heals my dry skin & a little definitely gies a long way and will definitely order again BUT... I didn't like the smell of it once I put it on my skin. The best way to describe it was it smelt like hay. (I'm guessing it's the tallow that gives this smell) So to fix this, I added some more of my own Doterra lavender essential oil to it, whipped it up & put it back in the jar, and that helped mask the smell alot better. Apart from that, it's a great balm and I love the benefits of using it on my skin. 🌿😊

Exzema balm

My daughter has severe exzema , she’s 3, we have tried what the doctor has given plus a million stuff on the market nothing absolutely nothing has worked. This is the best balm iv ever used ! We get the one without essential oil just to prevent any reaction as she is so sensitive,
It’s the best ! I just ordered another tub and won’t use anything else

A healing dream!

This was perfect for my eczema! Helped calm and moisturise my skin.

Ashleigh A
Healing Balm

I got this for my partner to try as he has eczema. It smells good, and has helped moisturise the dryness that comes with eczema and calm some of the redness.

Great everything balm

Bought this for grandbabies odd rashes. Soothes all the redness and itch.
Will make sure to keep some in the first aid box.

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