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Loofah Piece

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The small size is great for putting your soaps on so they can drain.
Bigger size good for body scrubbing.
Also make great natural pot/dish scrubbers.
Loofah come from a plant so are fully natural and biodegradable once you are finished with them.
Larger size approx 10cm length, small approx 3cm.

Customer Reviews

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Great was exactly as expected.

Yes it's a piece of loofa, but not as pictured

A bit confused I guess...
The photo shows sections maybe 7 or 10cm long that have been flattened as they dried. I understand those, they give a nice big flattish surface to scrub with.
I bought 2, 1 to try as a soap holder and 1 for the more traditional shower scrubber (what shower puffs originally were).
What I have received are 2 sections each 3cm long, dried as is. So they're 3.5cm high x 7.5cm across circles with 3 whopping great holes (the seed channels) through them. Yes, they are perfect size for a band new whole soap, not so sure how they'll work for the other common uses for loofah, eg exfoliating, which the pictured ones are good for. Also expecting smaller pieces of soap to fall through as we cut our bars up so they go further - wouldn't have been an issue on a wider flattened one.

Leesh Ripo
Loofah Piece

I bought 2 thinking they would get scummy and need replacing before my shampoo bars ran out, but they don't. I've used them daily in the shower and dried out between uses. They're both rough and still gentle so perfect for daily exfoliating. Love it - thank you!

Celia Griffiths

Loofah Piece

Robyn Mourie

Loofah Piece

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