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Sample Pack - Deodorant

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So you are new to Natural Deodorant or new to Dirty Hippie and not sure where to start? I've put together some sample packs so you can get started as smoothly as possible.

Pack 1 - $10
5 x Probiotic Deo samples and 50g Bentonite Clay (enough for approx 10 armpit masks - way more than you will need if you choose to use)

Pack 2 - $22
1 x Magnesium Spray Deo, 1 x Probiotic Deo Sample and 50g Bentonite Clay

Pack 3 - $25
1 x Magnesium Spray Deo, 3 x Probitotic Deo Sample and 50g Beontonite Clay

Pack 4 - $34
1 x Magnesium Spray Deo, 1 x 30g Probitotic Deo Jar and 50g Bentonite Clay

Pack 5 - $38
1 x Magnesium Spray Deo, 1 x Push up Cardboard 60g Probiotic Deo and 50g Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay will come wrapped in paper, good idea to transfer to an airtight jar/container to keep dry. You can read more about the Bentonite and how it can help in the blog below. The Bentonite is an extra freebie to help with the detox process, if you would prefer not to receive it you can swap for an extra probiotic deo sample. Let me know in the comments section.

Please let me know your choices in the comments if not I will select at random.

Probiotic Deo Options
Get Fruity - Pink Grapefruit and Lime
Happy Grass - Lemongrass
Sexy Hippie - Neroli & Ylang Ylang
Don't Worry Be Hippie - Patchouli, Lemon, Lavender
Man Hippie - Cypress, Black Pepper, Lemongrass
Non Scent - No Essential Oils
NO BS - without baking soda - Lemongrass
Vegan - (has candelilla wax instead of beeswax)

Magnesium Spray Options
Patchouli, Lemon, Lavender
Ylang Ylang & Neroli
Pink Grapefruit & Lime
Cypress, Black Pepper & Lemongrass

For more info on the Deodorants check out the Deodorant page in the menu:

and the blog on deodorant on the blog tab in the menu:

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Grace Habershon
Exceeded expectations.

Great pack if you want to try out all the different smells and find your favourite. They are all fantastic 😊

So handy

If you want to try all the amazing Dirty Hippie deodorants and pick up your favourite one, samples are very useful. Then again you can’t decide, cos you love them all :)

Jacqui Holland
Love dirty hippie products!!

Thought I’d start with trial packs to start with to see how the products were . I have order 4 times now and absolutely love everything I have bought ! Also sent my mum packs to try and she is raving about them !
Dirty hippie is my no.1 go to and I can safely say I won’t be buying bottle shampoo again!
Love the deodorant, face washes , toothpaste was weird at first but a great feeling in my mouth afterwards, acne bar coffee scrub , just amazing products! Well done , cos I am very fussy ! 😊 100%

Michelle Grayson
Best natural deodorant ever!

I purchased the sample pack to see if the deodorant actually worked! In the past I have tried many different natural deodorants, however have had very poor results. Much to my surprise it works...really well. I will be purchasing a full size once I have used all of my samples up.

huia harris
Best deodorant ever

I feel confident and reassured that when I put it on, I won't need to use again throughout the day. Love the smell, it's not over powering but you can smell iit all day. Thanks Dirty Hippie!

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