Probiotic Deodorant, Happy Grass Hippie

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Probiotic Deodorant, finally a natural deodorant that actually works and works better than chemical deodorant.

The theory behind Probiotic Deodorant is that it works to increase the good bacteria, just like probiotics do for tummies. Increasing the good bacteria fights the bad smelly bacteria, you are working with your body, not against it. Contained in each deodorant is a good dose of high quality, shelf-stable, probiotic.
The Deo also has Virgin Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Baking Soda which are both anti-bacterial. Triple whammy!
The other ingredients are Organic Shea butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Beeswax and Organic Tapioca Flour, they play an important role, in helping it be the fantastic hard (but not too hard) consistency to make the deo work as a stick.
The jar is a slightly softer version.

Essential Oils: This Deo contains Lemongrass, such a delicious scent with some amazing properties.  The most important and relevant being natural deodorant properties, it is a natural mood lifter.

The Cardboard is a push-up tube (it can be a little tricky to push up for a start, may need to warm with hands, and careful not to push it up too far as it cant go back down but worth those wee quirks for the sake of the earth :)

You can now choose a refill option for the jars, please note these are currently made to order and there will be a wait for these.

Customer Reviews

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Best ever

Whole family uses this as it works. Reapply if doing exercise but otherwise it is good all day. So happy to find a natural deodorant that is zero waste due to cardboard tube that can go in the compost.

Louisa Hahn

Probiotic Deodorant, Happy Grass Hippie

Lauren Cooke
I am enjoying the names of the products

I have found the product to be excellent to use. It works well and is lasting all day

Kat Barnett
Unfortunately it’s a no!

The lemongrass smells great but unfortunately doesn’t work for me! Seem to be a bit of a smelly hippie over here !!

Best natural deodorant ever!

I've tried many natural deodorants over the years with varying degrees of success. This one stands far above the rest! It does a great job at minimising odor even in summer and during sweaty workouts. I love the light refreshing fragrance of the lemon grass. I can use it immediately after shaving and have never had any irritation - I have sensitive skin so this is a big deal. I'm on about my 3rd repeat, and they last a long time! Highly recommend.

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