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Kombucha Orange Shampoo Bar (Vegan)

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This Kombucha soap is hands down my personal favourite all over body and hair soap. Smells and feels absolutely divine!
I find it works well as a shampoo bar for my fine hair that gets oily at the roots easily, the winning combo for me is a wash with this, then the conditioner bar on ends and the ACV Spray after.

Ingredients: Saponified with Kombucha: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Shea Butter.
Essential Oil: Sweet Orange. Colourant: Ground Annatto Seeds.

Weight approx 80g

Trial size 1/3 bar.
Bars come wrapped only with a paper instruction/ingredient sleeve, if you would like this left off to save paper waste please let me know. If an order contains more than one of the same bar I will only wrap one bar with instructions unless you specify otherwise.


Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Philippa Mason
Not so good

Oops, I was a bit quick with my original review…the first couple of days using this was great, my hair felt & looked good. But a few more washes and now my hair is all gummy and awful…it’s lank and has what feels like a thick layer of greese or oil and looks awful. So sad about this as I was initially prepared to love this product, but will now use it as a body soap only.

Philippa Mason
Love it

I have never used shampoo bars before and always looked sideways at them thinking they're weird and could never work like conventional shampoo. Well, I am happy to admit to being wrong all that time. I LOVE this shampoo bar. I had no idea it would still lather up, but lather it does - big time! I love the feel, smell and how my hair feels when using. I am a convert. Oh, and I also like to use it on my body as a soap as well. Win win!

Adam Greenberg
Smells amazing and lasts for ages


Joan B

Kombucha Orange Shampoo Bar (Vegan)

Great product

My second favourite shampoo after Violaceous. Love that smell and the way my hair feels like after shower. Highly recommend it!

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