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Shampoo Bars Sample Pack x 7 bars (VEGETARIAN)

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7 shampoo bars in trial size, a combined weight of approx 180g.
From top to bottom (also in order of least moisturising to most moisturising)
Kombucha Orange
Lavender Locks (formerly silky locks)
Lemon Turmeric
Hemp & Kawakawa
Peppermint Patchouli
Coconut Lemon
Super Moisturising (contains Beeswax)

Please let me know if you would like to make any bar swaps.  You are also welcome to switch 2 shampoo trial bars for 1 conditioner trial bar (they cost double to make) instead of adding it on.

I recommend reading the blog on shampoo bars if you are new to the bars:

All bars can be used on body if not suited to hair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Paula Simpson
Shampoo Bars

Not going back to salon shampoo after discovering dirty hippies shampoo and conditioner bars. Takes time for hair to adjust 2 -3 weeks but worth the wait. My hair continues to improve. Ill often let air dry and its soft and manageable. No more itchy scalp . Yay 😍

Andrew Llewellyn
Shampoo bars sample pack

Gives me an idea what to order next

Vegetarian Shampoo Bars

I bought this so I could try out the various scents and types of shampoo bars before commiting to an entire bar as I have curly so don’t want anything that will dry it out further or make it look greasy like some bars can do. I’m still working my way through them but i’m enjoying the selection and have found that the ones I’ve used so far have been fairly well suited to my hair, especially as I do not use a conditioner.

Jazmin Vette dal bello

Love the shampoo bars but the conditioner leaves my hair oily and pasty, it’s very hard to get out even if you just use a little.... I love that’s it’s natural and doesn’t use plastic though...

Def give it a try !

Great pack to give u a taster of which suits u best

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