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Sample Pack - Try ALL The Things (Vegetarian)

Sample Pack - Try ALL The Things (Vegetarian)

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A pack containing all items available in trial size.
7 Shampoo Bar Trial Bars
From top to bottom (also in order of least moisturising to most moisturising)
Kombucha Orange
Lavender Locks (formerly silky locks)
Lemon Turmeric
Hemp & Kawakawa
Peppermint Patchouli
Coconut Lemon
Super Moisturising (contains Beeswax)

Trial Size Conditioner Bar

Trial Size Acne Bar
Trial Size Coffee Scrub
Trial Size Beer Soap (Gluten Free Beer)
Trial Size Anti-Parasitic Bar

Trial Size Tooth Powder
Trial Size Face Mask Powder
Trial Size Solid Moisturising Bar (contains beeswax)
Trial Size Probiotic Deodorant (contains beeswax)

All of these samples are available separately under each individual listing.