Spray Deodorant, Sexy Hippie (Vegan)

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A fantastic alternative for anyone who prefer's a spray on Deodorant.
This is an excellent spray-on with health benefits.
Magnesium Oil is the best way to get Magnesium (a very important mineral) into your system, the benefits are much greater when applied trans-dermally compared to an oral supplement.

Ingredients:  Organic Witch Hazel (contains organic Ethanol), Magnesium Oil, 
Essential Oils: Neroli & Ylang Ylang.

Note: some find the spray deodorant can sting - after shaving especially. Personally I can spray it on after shaving with no problem but some find it can sting. Especially if low in magnesium.

Customer Reviews

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Kirsty Parsons
Love it

First time trying the deodorant range. And I’m in love it’s gentle and has a beautiful scent. I just wish the bottle was bigger! Lol

Anne Taylor
Sexy Hippie

This deo ive used for a couple of years now & love this also.

Tania Mansell

Love all your spray deodorants. Having the magnesium in it is great. The other i had put it on in the morning went to work and at about 6pm was at the dairy standing next to someone and she said wow you smell good is that karma? I replied no i am not wearing any perfume but i do have dirty hippie deodorant on. So she was going to google you. Good feedback for a really good product

A little disappointed

I normally purchase the solid probiotic deodorants, which I find to be excellent, and decided to try the spray instead, since it is more convenient to apply. It has not worked nearly so well for me compared to the solid one, and also stings when applied to freshly shaved skin. I am glad that I decided to trial this over winter as I have been smelling a lot more/worse when I sweat with this spray compared to my usual product.

Amanda Burrow

Spray Deodorant, Sexy Hippie (Vegan)

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