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Terra Ties 100% Organic & Biodegradable

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Come in packs of 27, I have added the option to buy a single hair tie in your order so you can try them out before you invest x

Why Terra Ties?

Hundreds of millions of long-haired people around the world use hair ties, and almost all of them are made out of materials that do not biodegrade and are harmful to our environment.


Think about how many hair ties you’ve lost, or have thrown out. Where do they all go? Usually, they’re left on the ground outside somewhere, or they end up in landfills, where they pollute our environment. Most hair ties are made of synthetic rubber and polyester, which either don’t decompose at all or take thousands of years to do so.


Terra Ties are made of two renewable, 100% biodegradable resources: natural rubber and organic cotton (dyed with natural dyes). Our packaging is also plastic-free and made with 100% recycled materials.


Not only are Terra Ties more environmentally friendly than standard hair ties, but they’re also thicker, more durable, and softer.


With Terra Ties, people of all genders and ages can style their hair without harming the environment.


Love yourself. Love the Earth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Best ties

My daughter loves these ties and wants more.

My favourites

The pack of 27 lasted ages, and always held their elasticity. Favourites for sure on my long curly hair.

Terra ties

Has been great so far, one month of using everyday, and I have long thick curly hair. Will be replacing my other ones when they give up.


I love these, really stretchy on my long thick hair. Will add a couple more to my next order for my daughter.


I have been using a single hair tie, my very last one, for over a year now an it has become very frayed. Seeing as my final hair tie looks ready to snap at any moment, I decided to purchase an individual Terra tie in my last order and give them a go. I am happy to say that the Terra tie is preforming wonderfully well. It is thick and durable and does a fantastic job at gripping to my fine hair, which usually comes loose. My favourite part about these hair ties is that they are biodegradable! Hurray!
My only wish is that they came in smaller packets of maybe around 5 ties, as I don't think I will be needing an entire 27 pack of them, I tend to make my hair ties last a long time. For now I will probably just put another one or two individuals into my next order.

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