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The Eco - Floss (Vegan)

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Dental Floss made from 100% compostable and vegan corn-based PLA. Mint flavoured. It comes in a reusable metal and glass container.

Floss refills available separately.

Customer Reviews

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I second the review below - I hardly ever write a review about products but this floss is so bad I had to. It is awful to use, makes an awful sound when it squeaks against your teeth, is sharp and inflexible around teeth and gums, gets stuck and shreds itself in between teeth so that you have fibres of floss/fluff stuck in your teeth which you then need to floss out. May be ok if your teeth have large gaps, but otherwise avoid at all costs.

Worst buy

I never write reviews but this floss is so terrible I just have to. It rips and bits of it stay stuck between ones teeth! I've had to use normal floss to get it out multiple times! I've continued using it cause I thought it might get better. I've got a bit of it uncomfortably stuck between two teeth since last night! Have to go out and buy normal floss now, to get it out, completely defeating the purpose. Also it hurts to use way more than waxed floss. Maybe some people are blessed with bigger gaps between their teeth so it won't get stuck. Otherwise not recommended!

Works well

Received my eco floss today, and I actually like it! Not sharp like the usual store bought floss, which I normally bleed using. Liked the texture and mint flavor. Will be using this over other brands.

Ash Clarke-Walker

The Eco Floss (Vegan)

The Eco Floss (Vegan)

Bit undecided on this yet, the second time I used it, got stuck in my teeth and broke. Will keep trying, I really like the idea of it being good for the planet

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